flexible product properties

WEWAX® products offer unique specifications over a wide product range. They are processed via MPWs CATPOL-technology, according to your requirement.

reliable quality parameters

High quality standards are our creed. We practice 24h process monitoring to realize zero defaults and thereby focus on incremental improvements.

a broad application range

WEWAX® products are reknown for their highly reliable purities and for their performance under heat stress. This fascilitates unique appliances.

wide product portfolio

Polyethylene waxes (PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE); Polypropylene waxes (PP); Copolymer waxes, Special wax grades

delivery form

Granules in big bags (further delivery forms upon request)

sample request

Are you interested in a personalized, new grades, or in a standard grade? Please use our contact form to get in touch with our specialists.

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Mitteldeutsches Paraffinwerk Webau GmbH (MPW) is a chemical company based in Hohenmölsen (Burgenlandkreis, Saxony-Anhalt).

Our core business deals with the design and production of synthetic waxes. MPW has 150-years experience in wax manufacturing. It is a partner company of Mitteldeutsches Bitumenwerk GmbH and of Mitteldeutsche Grundstücks- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

The company strives to develop state of the art processing expertise, and to create sustainable growth, always in line with general values. Overall, we are more than 45 employees. We also offer qualified training facilities for apprentices.

We strive for a high standard: product-, service- and process- wise. Thereby, we try to and meet the expectations and earn the trust of our clients.

While implementing our production processes we pay special attention to occupational safety requirements, to environmental protection, to health protection, to energy efficiency and to legal compliance. Our objective is a persistent performance improvement.

We try to engange our clients through transparent and reliable services in order to achieve a high quality performance. To ensure this, we build on a team of experienced and qualified employees who support us in reaching our goals.

We bring your ideas
to life



Our WEWAX®– products are unique wax products, which are manufactured via the CATPOL customized manufacturing production process. WEWAX® products can be produced directly for you according to individual target specifications.

We offer a wide product range of customized non-polar, high-purity, odorless, polyolefin waxes within the following specification range:

Dropping point:: 80– 165°C

Viscosity (140°C): 50 – 5000 mPas

Melting point: 80 – 250 J/kg


We design your product upon request

Products may be tailored suitable to match your individual specification. Please use our contact form for inquiries.



Have you ever had a thought about pastilling your products? Pastilling may lead to significant performance and handling benefits.

In our granulation line, we transform your molten of powdery paraffines, waxes and resins into high-quality beeds.

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  • Mitteldeutsches Paraffinwerk Webau GmbH
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